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On September 23, 2017, our Fibershed community showcased the explorations, developments, and garments that transform our clothing into a means of building soil and reversing climate change.

Held at the beautiful Big Mesa Farmstead in Bolinas, California, the Climate Beneficial Fashion Gala presented a runway of climate beneficial fashions along with a generous spread of farm-to-table foods and distilled beverages sourced from local farmers and ranchers, as well as a silent auction and marketplace of artisanal and bespoke goods made by Northern California designers.

Carbon Farm Ranching Explainer –

In 2016, the first large scale Carbon Farm Plan was completed for Bare Ranch—the plan outlines that the greenhouse gas impact for implementing Carbon Farming practices will sequester 111,581 metric tons of CO2e over the 20-year span of time required to see many of the projects into maturity, which is equal to offsetting the emissions produced by 23,740 passenger vehicles in a year. The increase in soil water holding capacity at the ranch was measured at over 520 acre feet, or 169.5 million gallons, this amount of water holding capacity is equivalent to the amount of water used by 1,730 California households in a year. Once each practice is implemented (and that is underway now), the green house gas mitigation and carbon sequestration impact would be 4,068 metric tons of CO2e annually—this annual draw down rate would effectively offset 6 to 9.3 times the green house gas emissions associated with the ranch’s wool production each year.

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Photo – Paige Green Photography

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