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We offer a range of custom fabric services & goods including market research and trend forecasting, product development, custom design consultation, pre-production planning, on-site development sessions & tours/educational events.  

Our textile capabilities include designing to prototyping fine woven goods with state-of-the-art technology, from yarn scanning to deconstructing fabrics (new or vintage via microscopic evaluation), technical packaging & advanced knit constructions using domestically-sourced, community building inputs.  

If you are interested in custom fabric or services, please review our FAQ below & complete our Custom Fabric & Services Form below to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fibers do you currently work with?

We work with in stock, custom & customer supplied/requested fibers to include : 
- Virgin Cottons
- Virgin Wools
- Cellulose (Industrial Hemp and Flax) 
- Recycled Materials (Polyester, Cottons, Cellulose) 

How wide are the fabrics you weave?

We have a range of looms that may accommodate finished 28, 48 and 90'' fabrics

What are your minimum order quantities?

- Stock fibers have a 2-yard sampling minimum unless otherwise specified on the listing
- Wool: 300 yards (solid color warp)
- Cotton: 500 yards (solid color warp)
- Customers can create an order with multiple parties if the order is for the exact same fabric construction/dye/finishing process. Minimum 500 yards.

Are your fabrics pre-washed?

Most of our fabrics are finished (washed, scoured, framed, sizing when applicable) prior to listing for sale.  Upon a client's request & in some production circumstances, a fabric may remain unfinished.

What services do you offer in designing and planning?

From planning, design & prototyping to production & even sales promotion, our state-of-the-art technology realizes digitalization at the highest quality & speed for textiles, fashion apparel & various other items.  Taking advantage of virtual samples & digitalization of communication dramatically reduces product development lead times.  Product planning can be performed closer to the beginning of a season, optimizing accuracy in predicting trends & product demand.  Furthermore, sustainability is achieved by reducing the total volume of unsold products that go to waste in traditional manufacturing practices.

What yarn sizes do you work with?

Average warp size range:
  - 8/2 - 24/2 NE
Average weft size range:
  - 5/1 - 24/1 NE
  - 5/2 - 24/2 NE
Average knit size range : 
-8/2-48/2  NE

What weave structures can you produce?

Our signature fine woven fabrics include the timeless car curtain canvas, natural chambrays, & double-slub selvedge denims. From 5oz to 24oz constructions, we can produce a variety of weights & stylized textures. Plain weave, 2/2 Twill, 3/1 Twill are some of our favorites.

What knit structures can you produce?

We can knit numerous stitches & structures but here is our list of strong recommendations.  Our current knit favorites include the classics, from single & alternate jerseys, to a swath of rib choices (ie. 1X1, 2X1 & 2X2 ribs).  

What are your lead times?

- Stock fabric has no lead time, but we often sell out of anything we stock quickly.  Make sure to sign up to our email, or give us a call, if you would like be alerted ahead of time when a stock product may be available. 

-Sample knit development and production lead times - Quantity TBD on case by case basis based on production capacity. Swatch development (1 week), 1st Proto (2 weeks), 2nd+ Proto (1-2 weeks), Production (8 weeks - From start of bulk knitting).  All development lead time starts upon receipt of both sample yarn & final tech pack, dependent on complexity of requested revisions. All lead times contingent upon HTC's receipt of sample yarn, tech packs, purchase order, bulk yarn, trims, etc.

- Custom woven fabrics have an average of 26 weeks (dependent on our third party supply chain partners, each step in the process has an average lead time of 4-6 weeks).

Do you make finished products?

Yes!  We do have capabilities in creating finished textile products, including seamless garments & accessories - however, we do not have in house cut & sew production.

What is the process for making a custom woven fabric with you?

1) When we accept a custom fabric client, we determine starting at spinning (we supply yarn) versus starting at the weaving (customer supplies yarn). If the customer doesn't have yarn to supply, we may support in communicating with the raw material provider or mill to meet our project specifications.

2) After the fiber is spun to the desired specs for the project, we send the yarns to be plied – all warps have a plied weft to withstand the abrasion of our heritage looms.

3) After the fibers are plied there is the option to:
    - Have the Yarn Dyed
    - Weave a Natural Fabric

4) After the fibers have been plied & potentially dyed, the yarn is brought to our mill here in Mather, CA, to be woven on one of our iconic looms.

5) Once the weaving is completed the raw fabric is sent to be finished (wash, scour and framed). This stage can also include:
    - Fabric Dyeing
    - Fabric Printing

6) Finished fabric is sent to the customer.

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