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Towards a Climate Beneficial Wardrobe

October 20, 2018

Imagine if you wore clothing that had a beneficial impact of the world - I know — it sounds too good to be true - but a climate beneficial wardrobe is available. Those of us who care to investigate know that behind the attractively trendy brand tags and attractively low price tags of the global clothing industry lies a tangled web of exploitation and environmental destruction — not to mention 10% of global carbon emissions. The 2013 Rana Plaza disaster that killed over a thousand garment factory workers in Bangladesh awakened many of us to the high (human and ecological) cost of “fast fashion.”

The good news is that the movement to create a more ethical apparel industry is gaining momentum, and there are lots of ways to be a part of it. But there’s more. What if we could have clothing be not only more ethical, not only “less bad” for the environment, but in fact beneficial in terms of climate?

It is happening. Fibershed, the California non-profit developing regional and regenerative fiber systems, is now certifying fiber farmers who grow Climate-Beneficial™ Wool and — for the first time this year — rolling out regionally raised and produced textile made of such wool.

We are so excited about sharing some of our first bolts of climate beneficial, community cloth for the designers and brands that always bring further artistry to the fabric's life. Working alongside our local and regional partners as we grow our micro-mill infrastructure will be a journey, with much to learn and advance from upstream and downstream specialties. Gaining ground on climate resiliency one fabric – connected to community – at a time.

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